Liste des livres n'existant qu'en anglais (non traduits)

  1. Surviving schizophrenia
    A manual for families, consumers and providers (E. Fuller Torrey)
  2. Crazy
    A father's search through America's mental health madness (P. Earley)
  3. Schizophrenia revealed
    From neurons to social interactions (Michael Foster Green)
  4. Diagnosis: Schizophrenia
    A comprehensive resource (Rachel Miller & Susan E. Mason)
  5. If Your Adolescent Has Schizophrenia
    An essential resource for parents (Raquel E. Gur & Ann Braden Johnson)
  6. Madness on the couch
    Blaming the victim in the heyday of psychoanalysis (Edward Dolnick)
  7. Schizophrenia
    Comprehensive treatment and management (M. Herz & S. Marder)
  8. Surviving manic depression
    A manual on bipolar disorder (E. Fuller Torrey & Michael B. Knable)
  9. Recovered, not cured
    A journey through schizophrenia (Richard McLean)

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